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No longer available

Unfortunately we are no longer able to supply the hardware and software described below, due to lack of suitable hardware. At this time we can't offer a suitable alternative either.
CableSys CableWork CableNews CableFormat CableHost CableControl CableStat CableTTX InfoBar CableComm CommHost CableCVR DVD CableMPEG WatchDog CableSat
XAT specialises in the the development and manufacturing of Electronic Newspaper Systems, with over 10 years of experience. The first version of CableNews was released in 1990 and was used by Local TV stations, commercial cable broadcasters, hotels, campings, etc. Over the years we have continued to develop Cablenews to keep up-to-date with todays needs. Over the past few years, the user interface has been greatly enhanced and the number of features has increased significantly. By using state-of-the-art genlock interfaces, CableNews can be used in high-end professional TV solutions for both PAL and NTSC systems.
This page tries to explain what CableNews can do for you and which parts are available. If you want to know more about complete installations, please click the link below. The tables below give more information on each of the modules that build the CableNews Suite.

As this page is still under construction, some links may not be available at present. In these cases you are advised to contact us for more information. Alternatively, you may want to try the Dutch version of the page. Any red coloured links are not yet available.
  • Frequently Asked Questions about CableNews
  • Complete CableNews systems

Contents of this page

CableNews Professional is very versatile Electronic Newspaper that can be used for many applications. At the hart of the software is a fully WYSIWYG editior and an efficient scheduler, so that each page can start and stop at a specific date and time. Furthermore it gives full control over the many special effects (wipes) that can be used to reveal a page.
  • Commercial cable TV operators
  • Local TV stations
  • Regional and National TV stations
  • Banks (optional link to queing system)
  • Hotels
  • Campings
  • Local Authorities
  • Hostpitals
  • Institutes
  • Shops and chains
  • Sports centres
Image quality
The image quality of a CableNews system is truely professional. By using a broadcast quality PAL encoder, the full broadcast resolution of 768 x 576 pixels is available. Some special techniques, such as anti-twitter and anti-aliasing are used to improve the image quality even further.
All text is displayed using a special technique called anti-aliasing. Every time a character has to be displayed, the computer re-calculates it and uses a technique that eliminates the jaggy edges. A similar techniques is used to display vector graphics (draw files). Another technique, called anti-twitter, is used to eliminate the screen flicker that is caused by the TV's interlacing.
Technical specifications
Resolution 3:4 ratio, 768 x 576 pixels, full broadcast, interlaced
Wide screen 16:9 ratio, 1024 x 576 pixels (dedicated hardware only)
Standard PAL (768 x 576) or NTSC (640 x 480)
Colours 32,000 or 16 million
Fonts 200 fonts, outlined, anti-aliased, scalable
Interlace Full broadcast, anti-twitter
Video Composite (CVBS), YC, RGB, Genlock, depending on hardware
Graphical Vector graphics, bitmap graphics, JPEG, GIF, etc.

*) In order to be able to display 16:9 images, an enhanced PAL encoder is needed.
Layout specifications
In the past pages were build from text and images only. Today, CableNews can handle many new file formates, such as JPEG, GIF, animated GIF, sound, MPEG, etc. and the list is constantly being extended. Some of the formats that are currently supported:
  • Sprite, uncompressed bit-maps
  • Draw, vector images (using anti-aliasing)
  • Text, plain text with dropshadow and edge
  • JPEG, compressed bit-map images
  • GIF, compressed bit-map images
  • Animated GIF, animations (e.g. from the Internet)
  • AudioWorks, sound
  • MPEG-1, full motion video and audio (addional hardware required)
  • Replay, animations and compressed video
  • Clock, analog or digital clock
  • Date, current date and day (any language)
  • CountDown, count down to a special date
  • HotSpots, for interactive applications
  • Wipes, many special display effects
  • Frames, with optional background (transparent!), border and true shadow
  • Live video, ability to use live video image (additional hardware required)
Modulair approach
In order to make CableNews the ideal solution for every application, it was designed with a modular approach in mind. Some of these modules come as standard with each CableNews installation, whereas others can be obtained separately to increase the functionality. Below is an overview of the current modules. Additionaly, out software developers can be comissioned to provide tailor-made solutions.
Standard modules
Module Name Description Version
CableNews Full WYSIWYG page editor 2.99e
CableFormat Scheduler, full control over sequence, time, date and page properties 2.99e
CableHost Run-time module controlling the carrousel 2.99e
CableControl Manual control of the carrousel (e.g. presentations) 2.99e
CableStatus Control of page properties (Status) 2.99e
CableSys Project management, security, passwords, etc. 2.99e
Communication modules (optional)
Module Name Description Version
CableComm Transmission of pages via standard PSTN or ISDN telephone lines 2.76
CommHost Reception of pages via standard PSTN or ISDN telephone lines 2.76
Dial Link via TCP/IP and PPP 0.20
CableLink CableNews control from HTML browser 0.14
CableSat Data transmission via satelite 0.17
Linking external equipment (optional)
Module Name Description Version
CableMPEG Play-back of MPEG-1 files 1.00
CableVCR Control of external VCR player 2.97o
DVD Control of external DVD player 0.05
CableTTX Reception of Teletext pages 2.98c
CableVote Link to external voting equipment 1.00
Display Link to external LED information panel 1.00
Beamer Control of external video projector 0.04
Other extensions (optional)
Module Name Description Version
InfoBar Scrolling message (queuing systems, stock exchange, etc.) 1.00
CablePay Automatic generation of invoices (under development) -
CableHTML Automatic website generation from a CableNews edition -
WatchDog Prvents the hardware and software from 'hanging' 1.00
Control Control and menu support for stand-alone equipment 1.02
CDPlayer Control of internal CD-ROM drive (MediaBox) 0.10
Customisation Many customised enhancements are possible. Please contact for further information. -


Updates and Upgrades
During the first year after purchasing CableNews, all new releases are supplied free of charge (media cost and cost of transport only) if you are carrying out the installation of the new software yourself. If possible, the software upgrades will be sent by Email. If you want us to carry out the installation for you, the extra service will be charged. Please ask us to quote an estimated price before ordering any upgrades.

The current release is CableNews 3. As this version is not fully complete yet, it is called 2.9x, but it is generally referred to as version 3. All owners of version 2.80 and later are entitled to a free upgrade to version 3.00 as soon as it is available.

Updates are generally regarded as small extensions, improvements and bug-fixes, for which we do not charge. Users of 2.00 are entitled to all versions upto 2.80 free of charge (excluding the costs for media, transport and installation).

Upgrades are regarded as major software improvements and enhancements. In general the major software release number will increase, e.g. from 2.xx to 3.00. Upgrades are always charged for (except within a year after purchase). The exact price for such an upgrade may vary from case to case.
    Disclaimer This information on this page is no longer valid and is supplied for reference purposes only. Links to other information and websites might be incomplete or incorrect.
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