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Composing 'special' characters from the keyboard
A few years ago, I developed a (free) module called IntKeyb that allowed easy entry of special characters through a normal keyboard. As this module was written for RISC OS 3.10, it didn't work on later versions (3.50 onwards). Over the years, I received many requests to adapt this module for use under 3.50 and later, but after some investigation it appeared that this was not an easy task, as the keyboard drivers had undergone a complete changeover in RISC OS 3.50. The only solution would be a complete rewrite.

Some time ago, an article appeared in Archive, detailing the various methods to enter a special character. Triggered by this article, I decided to write AltKeys on a rainy Sunday morning. Not only have I recreated the functionality of IntKeyb, I've also added some new features and key combinations. AltKeys can be used with any software, as it links itself to the OS.

The software can be downloaded freely, by clicking the link below. As the manual for the software hasn't been written yet, you are invited to download the article that I sent to Archive instead. It should be sufficient to get you going.

Paul Reuvers

Now 32bit compatible
     AltKeys module v3.00, 21 October 2002 (7K download)
    This is the RM that can be placed e.g. in !Boot.Choices.Boot.PreDesk on your harddisc. This version features a number of serious bugfixes and internal code changes over version 2.10. Vital if you are using a USB interface. Now suitable for RISC OS 5.
     !AltSetup configuration program v0.20, 21 October 2002 (55K download)
    This configuration program takes the pain out of installing the AltKeys module in your boot-sequence. Additionaly it allows you to add some extra tables e.g. for the use of alternative alphabets. It also offers the option to remove all references to AltKeys from your Boot sequence. The software can be used on RISC OS 3.50 onwards, but users of RISC OS 4 and 5 may want to use the version below.
     RISC OS 4/5 Configuration tool v0.10, 21 October 2002 (56K download)
    This is the same version of the !AltSetup program, but already placed in the appropriate place of the Boot structure. Simply put this new !Boot on top of the existing !Boot on your harddisc and off you go. From now on you may configure AltKeys from the normal configuration window.
    !CharSel (21K download)
    This is a simple application to replace !Chars. It allows the selection of any character from a window and also allows the export of a single character as a Draw file, e.g. for use as a 'drop cap' in Impression.
    English manual
    This is a copy of the text I sent to Archive. It describes the features of the AltKeys module. For the technically minded it also also tries to explain how it works.
  • ISO Latin 1 character set
    A complete description of all standard and special characters in the ISO Latin 1 character set. The table includes the proper HTML and PostScript names and contains also the required key combinations for AltKeys.
  • Euro sign
    Infomation about the use of the Euro sign under RISC OS. Euro sign available for download both as Draw file and Font.

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