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Currently known bugs in Impression
This page will be used to maintain an actual list of known bugs in Impression. Your contribution to this page is very important, as it will help us to prioritise problems. When entered in the table below, each bug will be given a number and it will remain in the list until it's fixed. A number of red stars will be used to indicate the priority we've given the bug. The more stars, the higher the priority. Once fixed, the red stars will be replaced by a green rectangle.
B0001 Colour menu sticks to the screen after selecting an item

      Impression Publisher Plus features a menu with named colours, much like ArtWorks. When the user selects an item from the menu, or clicks outside the menu to remove it, the menu stays on screen until it's wiped out by moving another window over it.
      Fixed in Impression-X.
B0002 Some documents refuse to load in Publisher Plus

      It appears that some (probably badly formatted) documents, created in Publisher (and probably Style as well), may refuse to load in Publisher Plus, resulting in a fatal error. This is a reproducable error.
      Fixed in Impression-X.
B0003 Redraw problem when using table styles

      When typing text in a table, created using a table style, alternating blue lines may appear on the screen. This bug only occurs in deep colour modes.
      Under investigation.
B0004 Text icons in some windows too small

      When Impression was first developed, all windows used the system font for all text. It appears that some text icons in most of the windows are too small to hold the current desktop font. The same might happen with foreign translations.
      We are currently working on this and expect to have this fixed in the first release.

Reporting bugs
If you find a bug in your current version of Impression, please do not hesitate to tell us. Even if you think that we already know about this bug, it can be useful to learn about the circumstances that might trigger it. When reporting a bug, please explain clearly how the bug manifests itself and how it can be reproduced. An example document would be ideal. Please don't forget to tell us which version of Impression you are using.
 Report a bug in Impression
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