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Impression is back!
For many years, Impression was the de facto standard for DTP on the RISC OS platform. It's suitable for writing both simple letters as well as complex books and multi-colour professional artwork. In fact, it's a document processor rather than just a DTP package. It was created by Computer Concepts, who have actively supported it until 1996, when they left the RISC OS market. Recently, we've taken over Impression from Computer Concepts and newer versions will become available in the near future. The first new version to become availble will be a 26-bit version, suitable for existing users of RISC OS 3.50 thru 4.xx. Watch this space! Any questions? Please check out our FAQ.
A 32-bit version of Impression
We are currently working on a full 32-bit version of Impression and we hope to be able to provide more information on this soon. Pricing and availability have yet to be announced, but for existing users there will certainly be an upgrade path. During the conversion process, we will try to repair some long standing bugs and we might even be able to add one or two new features along the way. At the moment it's impossible to predict a time scale for the 32-bit version. Converting this type of complex software is a tedious task and testing the many features in the software will undoubtly be very time consuming.
A single new version of Impression
In the past we've seen many Impression variations, such as Impression Style, Impression Publisher and Impression Publisher Plus. In the near future, all these versions will be replaced by a single new one, combining all features of the previous packages. The new version will be called Impression-X and the splash box (startup screen) will show the new logo.   

Latest news
8 May 2006
Work on the 32-bit conversion of Impression-X is commencing well, although we haven't been able to spend as much time on the project as we had hoped. This is mainly caused by the move to our new premises, which has taken more time than expected. By 1 June 2006 we should be fully operational from our new address.

In the meantime, we were hoping to show the current state of the project at the Wakefield show, but the unexpected illness of one of our collegues has prevented him from travelling. We are now aiming towards the next RISC OS show in the UK.
We need your help
Whilst converting Impression to 32-bit, we have a good opportunity to repair some long standing bugs. In fact, we might even be able to improve some existing features or add new ones. For this we need your help. Please report as many bugs as possible and tell us which features in Impression you would like to see improved or added. We can't promise a prompt reply but we will certainly take your comments seriously. Use the links below to view the list of currently known bugs and the wish list.
 Currently known bugs in Impression
 Wish list
 Report bugs and wishes
 Frequently Asked Questions about Impression-X
Impression DDF format
The Impression DDF format has been created to enable programmers to exchange text files with Impression. The Document Description Format (DDF) is based on plain text files, containg both the text and markup information.
    DDF file format
    This is the most recent description of the DDF format as published by Computer Concepts. Use Click to read the text, or Shift-click to download it.
  • The use of the Euro sign in your text
    Recently the Euro sign has been added to the Latin 1 alphabet and this page help you to use the Euro symbol correctly.

  • More information on the PostScript language
    This is the website of Adobe, the creators of the PostScript language and some other publishing standards, such as PDF.

  • ArtWorks 2
    Another killer-application from Computer Concepts has recently been taken over by Martin Würtner in Germany and is now available as a native 32-bit application containing many new featues.

  • Contacting us
    For bug reports, wishes, problems and questions about Impression, please use this link to contact us.

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