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Information for RISC OS programmers
This page contains some links that can be of use for RISC OS programmers ans hobbyists. Additionaly some programs are available for free download. Please note that the orange coloured links are not yet available.
Programming languages
  • BASIC Interpretor
    This very useful interpretor is present in the system ROM of your computer. BASIC programs can be written and edited using your favorite editor, such as Edit, ZAP or StrongEd. Information on how to use the BASIC interpretor can be found in the BBC BASIC manual, that is available on the Programmers Reference Manual CD.
  • BASIC compiler
    The ABC compiler allows you to compile programs written to run under the BASIC interpretor. This not only improves the execution speed of your software, but it also protects your source code.
  • Wizz Basic Compiler
    A free and simple BASIC compiler that supports a limited set of BASIC statements
  • C/C++ compiler
    This is the most recent port of the GNU C/C++ compiler for RISC OS.
  • Perl
  • Forth
  • Python
    A new programming languages that is also available under Linux. This version can be used under RISC OS and is supplied with support for Desktop and Toolbox use.
  • Lua
    A new programming language that is also used to enhace existing programming languages. Lua won the in 1997. Now also available for RISC OS. More information can be found on the Lua website at: http://www.lua.org/ An extensive review can be found in Archive of october 2000.


Manuals and documentation
  • BBC BASIC User Guide
  • RISC OS 3.70 User Guide
  • RISC OS 3.70 PRM (Programmers Reference Manual)
    Originally the RISC PS 3.70 PRM was only available as a 5 volume paper manual, making it relatively expensive. The PRM is now available on CD, bundeled with some other manuals such as the User Guide, OmniClient, BBC BASIC, etc. The manuals are available in PDF or HTML.
  • Risc PC TRM (Technical Reference Manual)
    A complete set of circuit diagrams of the popular Acorn Risc PC.

Various, modules, news, etc.
  • Toolbox modules for RISC OS
    These are the most recent verions of the Toolbox modules for RISC OS. Only minor enhancements of the previous version. Download the newer versions only when requested by some new software.
  • Coding Vault
    This site contains a list of never-finished software. If you are a programmer and don't know what to you with your spare time, please make yourself known to this web site and ask for a project.
  • Justin Fletcher - Various programmer tools
  • RCS - Resource Control voor RISC OS
    Software for controlling source codes, new versions, etc. Ported from UNIX (command line only). By Erik Groenhuis.
  • CVS - Concurrent Versions System
    Software for controlling source codes, new versions, etc. Ported from UNIX CVS by John Tytgat (command line and GUI).
  • ZAP, text editor
    An ASCII text editor that can be used to edit plain ASCII text files, just like Edit. In addition ZAP offers facilities for editing source codes in C, Basic, Assembler and HTML. Uses colours to highlight special areas.
  • StrongEd, text editor
    One of the best text editors around at the moment. Can be used to edit plain ASCII files as well as many types of source codes including Assembler, BASIC, C, Forth, Pascal, etc. Colour are used to hightlight special areas. Contains numerous powerful features and is yet very easy to use.
  • OpenFile - see all open files
    An invaluable tool that show all open files in a clear window. Also enables file that are left open by 'faulty' software, to be closed. Written by Jan-Jaap van der Geer.

Free tools - download
    WimpLook (8KB download)
    A very useful tool that constantly shows information about the current position of your mouse pointer, such as window and icon. Originally written by Alex Hopkins (1991), but enhanced by EdMill. Version 1.02 (june 2000).
    Filter (12KB download)
    A simple yet very effective tool that can be used to separate source and object code when releasing a program. Written by Joris Röling (1990). Version 1.01 (25 october 1990).
Other free software

Commercial software
  • PIC Controllers
    A complete set of tools (programmer, emulator, software, etc.) that allows you program the well known MicroChip PIC processors from the RISC OS environment.

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