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USB Support Page
   This page is dedicated to the software support for USB under RISC OS. In the recent past USB adapters have been made available for RISC OS computers enabling us to connect a wealth of devices to our favorite machines. Although this is good news for the RISC OS market, it won't be of much use until someone writes dedicated drivers for each peace of hardware.
As it is believed that USB will be the ONLY option for peripherals in the nearby future (e.g. mouse, keyboard, camera, printer, scanners, etc.) many RISC OS developers are curently working on suitable drivers. A few generic drivers (mouse and keyboard) will be supplied with the USB card, but drivers for other equipment need to be created. The information on these pages concerns only USB cards that follow the DeviceFS interface as described in the Castle USB API.
If you are interested in writing USB drivers, you are adviced to read the extensive documentation available from the USB Forum. Additionally you need to know details about the RISC OS API (Application Programming Interface) to know how to implement things under RISC OS. As the internal organisation of the USB system might seem a bit complex at first, we've created a small application that will help you to understand the way the system is structured. The application is available free of charge and can be downloaded below.
This is a freeware application that displays general information about the USB sub-system of your RISC OS computer. It shows all connected devices in a variety of manners. !USBinfo supports only the Castle USB specification.
Advanced support for USB Human Interface Devices (HID). The package contains USBHID, a full USB HID Class parser, WimpScroll, advanced support for wheel mice, WimpKey, advanced support for special keys (e.g. on an Internet keyboard), and much more. On top of it, is the !HID application that allows easy configuration of the underlying modules.

USB classes
Icon Class Description RISC OS Info
1 Audio Control - -
2 Communication device - -
3 Human Interface Devices (HID) such as keyboard and mouse !HID Info
6 Imaging devices, such as scanners and cameras Optional -
7 Printing Standard Info
8 Mass Storage Devices Standard Info
9 USB-1 HUB (the first Hub is present inside the USB interface) Standard Info
9 USB-2 HUB (the first Hub is present inside the USB interface) Standard Info
10 Data Interface - -
11 Smart cards and chip cards - -
255 Vendor Specific Class - -

 Detailed overview of the various classes


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