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Tracer Professional
Converting bit-maps into vector images

Tracer Professional is a bit-map tracer for RISC OS that will produce high quality vector images (Draw) from bit-maps (Sprite). Any black and white sprite can be used, e.g. a scanned image.Tracer Professional will convert it into an editable Draw file within seconds. Tracer Professional was originally created on RISC OS 2, but has now been converted to 32-bit so that it will run on the latest X-Scale powered IYONIX pc.

Original sprite

High quality results
Tracer Professional contains a number of settings that can be used to fine-tune the process of converting a bit-map into a vector, however, in most cases the basic settings will be sufficient for producing hight quality results. Applications range from scanning and converting a business logo, to creating your own high-quality fonts.

In order to achieve high quality draw files within just a few seconds, Tracer Professional uses some highly optimised algorithms, created and fine-tuned by the original author Ferdinand Oeinck. As a result, Tracer Professional produces draw files that will generally require little correction, if any. In case you need to edit the result, you can use the build-in path editor which is basically a copy of !Draw. A clever colouring scheme allows you to see the original bit-map image through the converted draw file. Different colours are used to show overlap or underlap and can be seen in the rightmost image.
In edit mode the toolbar gives access to a range of draw tools, allowing new points to be added, lines to converted to curves and vice versa, force smooth corners, etc.

User interface
Version 2.00 of Tracer Professional comes with a completely redesigned user interface and has been made 32-bit compatible at the same time. Once started, the program shows an empty sheet of paper in a window. At the top of the window is the toolbar that gives access to all functions and settings.
Features include:

  • Convert sprites to draw
  • Full draw editor
  • Save sprite and draw together
  • Reload files for editing
  • Powerful zoom facility
  • Fine-tune the tracing algorithm
  • Set image origin
  • On-line manual

Tracer Professional is available now for GBP49 and can be purchased at our premises, from our stand at various RISC OS shows, or via the internet.
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  • Tracer Professional DEMO-version
    This a fully featured version of Tracer Professional, without the possibility to save the final results. On-line manual available in HTML format. TracerPro requires the helper-program !Confix.
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