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Internet software for RISC OS
On this page we've colleted a number of useful links about Internet on RISC OS computers. Some links refer to commercial software, whilst others reveal free plug-ins and applications.
Internet Suites


  • !Flash 
    Plug-in for the popular MacroMedia Flash files with sound. Supports Flash 2 and 4 standards as well as Streaming Flash. By Leo Smiers and John Bell.
  • !PDF    
    A free reader for PDF documents. Initially created by Leo Smiers, now updated and supported by Colin Granville. Renders PDF documents very fast en enables export to Draw format.
  • RiScript
    A commercial PostScript interpretor. Can read PostScript, EPS and PDF documents and can save in PDF and Draw format. Allows the creation of PDF documents from your PostScript printer output. Now with text export.
  • AntiWord (reader for Microsoft Word files) 
    How many times have your received an email with a Word attachment? Well now you can read the majority of them using this invaluable tool and... without the usual virusses. By Adri van Os.
    A number of free plug-ins by a well know name in the RISC OS scene: Henrik Bjerregaard Pedersen.
  • AVI, FLI, QuickTime, WAV
    High quality Commercial plug-ins from Warm Silence Software.
  • Sound plug-in
    No more silent pages on your RISC OS browser. This plug-in enables most commonly available audio formats to be played, such as AIFF, AU, VOC, WAV, WVE and SND. Suitable for both 8-bit and 16-bit audio systems and tested with Browse, Oregano and Fresco.
  • Real audio
  • Java
  • Shockwave
  • MP3

  • Acorn TCP/IP Stack
    From RISC OS 3.70 onward, the Acorn TCP/IP stack is supplied as standard in the system ROM. Users of older versions of RISC OS can ask their dealer for a soft-loadable version. The Acorn TCP/IP stack is a port of the Free BSD Stack and has been proven to be very fast and reliable.
  • FreeNet stack
    This is an alternative to the above supplied and maintained by a group of enhousiasts.
  • PPP Client/Server
    A very good port of the unix 'pppd' door Sergio Monesi. Both a DCI-2 (old) and DCI-4 (new) version are available. The main advantage over Acorn's PPP driver is the ability to be used not only as Client, but as Server as well (auto answer).
  • FTPc    
    A very good FTP application. Allows transfer of entire directories with their contents (multi level). Very robust and much better and faster than ANT's FTP client.
  • LIRC
    An IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client for RISC OS.
  • ICQ
    An ICQ-client for RISC OS.
  • LPR
    A port of a Unix LPR client. Allows the use of the LPR protocol to drive most network printers through a TCP/IP network. Supported by most printers with a network card.
  • Riscster
    A RISC OS client for Napster, the popular MP3 site.
  • JetDirectFS
    Software to drive a network printer through the HP JetDirect protocol. No more wires between your computer and the printer. No more printer switchers.

Servers and clients
  • VNC
  • VNCView
  • VNCServe
  • OmniClient
    A universal client for the RISC OS desktop giving a common interface for most networks. Currently supported are: Acorn Access, Sun NFS, Acorn FileServer level 4, LanManager (via NetBeui or TCP/IP). Optionally available: AppleTalk client.
  • NWClient, Novel IPX
    Finally braking the Novell barrier; a RISC OS client for Novel Netware servers running the IPX protocol.
  • SMBServer (Samba) version 0.08  
    Make your RISC OS harddisc available for PC, Unix, Linux and Apple users on the same network, by using this free SAMBA server.
  • NetPlex
    A full (commercial) webserver with many features and protocols, including HTTP, HTTPS, CGI, PHP3, Perl, etc.
  • WebJames
    A free webserver that can be installed in a matter of minutes. Supports HTTP and CGI protocols and can start e.g. a BASIC program from within a script enabling you to create virtually unlimited solutions.

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