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Complete Internet Suite - NEW
As ANT have stopped the support of the ANT Internet Suite as of 1st December 2000, we have searched for a new solution for your Internet connection. Below a brief overview of the features offered by the R-Comp Internet Suite, consisting of DialUp (for connection to your provider), MessengerPro (a very good mail and news client) and WebsterXL (R-Comp's own browser). We believe the new Suite is of very good quality and does away with a number of problems we (unfortunately) got used to using the ANT software.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the R-Comp Internet Suite

DialUp is a new application allowing easy and quick access to your ISP (Internet Service Provider). You no longer need to struggle with the many complex scripts. You just supply your Provider's details and off you go. Additionaly, you may use the Windows scripts (the so called .INS files) directly with DialUp.

DialUp versus ANT
We've done some tests that show tat DialUp works much better than ANT's connection software. Especially when using the software alongside a LAN (Local Area Network), you won't see any disappearing printers and crashing computers anymore. Furthermore, DialUp can work with any serial port, as long as it has a block driver, and can be used freely with an ISDN modem. DialUp can also be used with the Acorn Internal Modem.

Although the R-Comp Internet Suite comes with email-software and a browser, you are free to use any other Internet program alongside. E.g. if Oregano is your favorite browser, you can use it in preference over WebsterXL.
MessengerPro is clearly the best email and news client on the RISC OS market today. It's many features make it the ideal tool for schools, companies and private use. It also allows the use of multiple mail boxes and can fetch mail from multiple providers at a single mouse click. The default transport systems used by MessengerPro are NewsHound and PopStar, but you may also use the ANT transport system in preference.

We consider this software a MUST for every serious RISC OS user.
   This images shows the possibility to use multiple mail boxes in MessengerPro. This way, many users can share the same account. It also offers you the possibility to filter incoming mailing lists. Furthermore MessengerPro allows the collection of mail from multiple ISPs in one go.
Although WebsterXL should not be considered the fasted browser on the RISC OS market, it is a very good and reliable browser, whith many modern featues, such as tables, frames, plug-ins and JavaScript. Furthermore the software is actively being developed and the majority of upgrades is free!
Support from R-Comp is very good. Most questions can be passed on to them by email and phone and are answered quickly, if not immediately. And whats more, most of the updates and upgrades are free!
The Price
Please contact us for the current price. RISC OS users in the UK are adviced to contact R-Comp directly.

*) Please note that the price may vary as a result of the ever changing exchange rates.

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