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HID   Human Interface Devices
USB HID device driver 0.73 (19 Oct 2016)

This shareware package offers advanced support for USB Human Interface Devices (HID). It consists of a number of low-level RISC OS modules, offering support for enhanced keyboards, wheel mice, barcode scanners, etc. On top of that is the !HID application that allows easy configuration and installation of the underlying modules.


User interface
The !HID application is only used to configure any special keys on your keyboard, setup wheel mouse support for your applications, etc. Once you've done this, !HID will make the necessary changes to your !Boot sequence, so that all your settings are remembered next time you start the machine. Most modern keyboards contain a number of special keys and sometimes even a scroll wheel or a rotating knob. All these can now be configured and used:

Most special keys will already have a name as defined by the USB Forum and any action can be linked to it. If you have multiple keyboards connected, an action may even we linked to that particular keyboard.
   If you have !HID installed on the iconbar it will warn you if a new key has been pressed, so that you can assign a function to it. But even if !HID is currently not running it may be launched automatically when a new key is encountered.

The GUI keys (often called the Windows keys) can now be used as a modifier, similar to the Control, Shift and Alt keys. These key combinations can be particular useful for launching your favorite applications.

The drivers contain full support of all CD controls, so that you can play your favourite CD, select a track and alter the volume, simply by pressing a key on your keyboard. Any of the following Actions may be assigned to a key:
  • Launch an application
  • Execute an Obey file
  • Issue a CLI command
  • Goto to a URL
  • Enter a text sequence (as if typed from the keyboard)
  • Enter a low-level key code directly
  • Issue a WIMP key code
  • Control a CD player (or !DigitalCD)

Using a wheel mouse
At last you can use the scroll wheel that is present on most modern USB mice. It allows you to scroll the window under the mouse pointer (that is, if it has a vertical scroll bar) in a variety of methods. As some applications don't support scrolling properly, you may select an alternative scrolling method for each application. It works well with filer windows and even with long menus. It will even work correctly with some 'badly' behaving applications such as Impression and Eureka. From !HID 0.20 onwards, horizontal scroll wheels are also supported.   


Additional software
  • Latest version of !ConfiX
    This is our universal configuration utility that is used by !USBinfo. It is only of use if you want to alter the default settings of the application. !ConfiX should be placed in the !Boot.Resources directory of your computer.

  • Latest version of AltKeys
    AltKeys is part of the !HID distribution. It's a tool for entering special characters and accents in a foreign language. It's available as freeware elsewhere on this website.

Further information

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